Choose one of the following topics

1) Immigration

2) Gays in the MilitarMilitary

3) Election

4) International Trade

5) Environmental Protection



Choose ONE (1) of the following five issues:

1) Immigration

2) Gays in the military

3) Election reform

4) International trade

5) Environmental protection

Explain the current status of the issue (if you would like to write on a different issue you must get permission first). In particular, you must explain the position of all three branches of government (legislative, executive and judicial) concerning the issue, and identify the relevant groups that are involved.

In addition, provide an analysis as to why the issue is at its current status. For example, we do not have a Constitutional Amendment specifically outlining women’s rights (an equal rights amendment); why not? If you were doing this issue you would explain the various forces (legislative, judicial, executive, interest groups) that affected this issue and explain why one group won out over the others.

The paper should be typed, double spaced, and 5-7 pages long (not including title page, bibliography, etc.). The paper should be well cited with proper notes (foot, end, etc.) and must include a bibliography and title page. Your sources should include scholarly works. Newspaper/magazine articles and Internet sources while acceptable should not be relied upon exclusively.

Plagiarism will be dealt with severely and in accordance with the rules outlined in the Caldwell University Undergraduate Catalog.

full draft of the paper is due on Thursday, 10/31.

The final paper is due on Tuesday, 12/3.



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