Overview Analysis

For the first part of this week’s section of the course project, briefly review your chosen organization. Presume that the reader does not know the identity of your organization or what you have evaluated thus far. What is the essential information the reader should know? This section of your paper should be a very brief summary of the key issues, likely no more one paragraph. Be sure to provide an appropriate APA introduction to your paper. Organizational Recommendations

Based upon your analysis so far in the course project, the second part of your paper should justify recommendations for enhancing your organization. Imagine yourself as a consultant who will lead an effort to make the organization more competitive in the market. What recommendations would you make in the following key areas?

Aligning leadership philosophy with organizational design and enabling more effective change leadership.
Enhancing the organization’s shared values and creating more inspiring vision statements and more effective mission statements.
Improving organizational structure and systems in a way that increases potential for innovation.
Ensuring beneficial work-life balance.
Provide a rationale and research support for each of your recommendations.

Organizational Learning Assessment

The third part includes an assessment of the organizational learning within your organization.

How does learning occur (or not occur)?
How is learning captured?
How is learning transferred?
How are the processes of learning in the organization evaluated (i.e., learning about learning)?
Learning Organization Recommendations

For the fourth part, justify specific recommendations for your organization so that they have a systemic process that effectively manages organizational learning and transforms the organization into a learning organization. Consider the following:

What could be done to generate more knowledge and better learning in the organization?
What could be done to inspire people to share their ideas and learning?
What could be done to capture ideas and learning so that it becomes organizational knowledge?
What could be done to make sure learning is ongoing?

– Must be proper APA format including reference page
– The references should not be repeated more than once.
– Proper peer-reviewed journal articles must be used


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