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REQUIRED: Complete the T1 General, Schedule 1 (non-refundable tax credits) and schedule 10 (CPP and EI premiums) for the individual below:
Please save and upload your return documents to Brightspace when complete.
Use the CRA Website for fillable forms as well as the Tax Return and Benefits Guide
Chantal Gagnon is a 18 year old student at Citadel High School in Halifax. She was born Jan 12, 1998. She lives at home with her parents. She has a part time job at
Hop Scotch Activity Center where she works during the summer months. Her T4 is attached below. Also, she works part time (cash only) during the school year at a
local dinner, and made $600 cash in tips
Protected B when completed T1 GENERAL 2016 Income Tax and Benefit Return Step 1 ��� Identification and other information 8 Identification Print your name and address
below. First name and initial
Last name
Mailing address: Apt No ��� Street No Street name
City Prov./Terr. Postal code
Email address I understand that by providing an email address, I am registering for online mail. Ihave read and I accept the terms and conditions on page 17 of the
Enter an email address: Information about your residence Enter your province or territory of residence on December 31, 2016: Enter the province or territory where
youcurrently reside if it is not the same as your mailing address above: If you were self-employed in 2016, enter the province or territory of self-employment:
If you became or ceased to be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes in 2016, enter the date of:
Month Day
or departure
Month Day
Information about you Enteryoursocialinsurance number (SIN):
Enter your date of birth:
Year Month Day
Your language of correspondence: Votre langue de correspondance :
English Fran��ais
Is this return for a deceased person? If this return is for a deceased person, enter the date of death: Year Month Day Marital status Tick the box
that applies to your marital status on December 31, 2016: 1 Married 2 Living common-law 3 Widowed 4 Divorced 5 Separated 6 Single Information about your spouse or
common-law partner (if you ticked box 1 or 2 above)
Enter his or her SIN:
Enter his or her first name: Enter his or her net income for 2016 to claim certain credits: Enter the amount of universal child care benefit (UCCB) from line 117 of
his or her return: Enter the amount of UCCB repayment from line 213 of his or her return: Tick this box if he or she was self-employed in 2016: 1
Do not use this area
Elections Canada (For more information, see page 19 in the guide.) A) Do you have Canadian
citizenship?……………………………………………………………. 1 No 2 Yes Answer the following question only if you have Canadian citizenship. B)
As a Canadian citizen, do you authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to give your name, address, date of birth, and citizenship to Elections Canada to update the National
Register of Electors? …… 1 Yes 2 No Your authorization is valid until you file your next tax return. Your information will only be used for purposes permitted
under the Canada Elections Act, which include sharing the information with provincial/territorial election agencies, members of Parliament, registered political
parties, and candidates at election time.
Do not use this area 172 171
Protected B when completed 2
Step 1 ��� Identification and other information (continued) Please answer the following question:
Did you own or hold specified foreign property where the total cost amount of all such property, at any time in 2016, was more than CAN$100,000? See “Specified foreign
property” in the guide for more information…………………………….. 1 Yes 2 No Ifyes, complete Form T1135 and attach it to your return. If you had dealings
with a non-resident trust or corporation in 2016, see “Other foreign property” in the guide. Step 2 ��� Total income As a resident of Canada, you have to report your
income from all sources both inside and outside Canada. When you come to a line on the return that applies to you, go to the line number in the guide for more
information. 101Employment income (box 14 of all T4 slips) 102Commissions included on line 101 (box 42 of all T4 slips)
Wage loss replacement contributions (see line 101 in the guide) 104Other employment income + 113Old age security pension (box 18 of the T4A(OAS) slip) + 114CPP or QPP
benefits (box 20 of the T4A(P) slip) + 152 Disability benefits included on line 114 (box 16 of the T4A(P) slip) 115Other pensions and superannuation + 116Elected
split-pension amount ( attach Form T1032) + 117Universal child care benefit (UCCB) + 185UCCB amount designated to a dependant 119Employment insurance and other
benefits (box 14 of the T4E slip) + 120 Taxable amount of dividends (eligible and other than eligible) from taxable Canadian corporations (attach Schedule 4) + 180
Taxable amount of dividends other than eligible dividends, included on line 120, from taxable Canadian corporations 121Interest and other investment income ( attach
Schedule 4) + 122Net partnership income: limited or non-active partners only + 125Registered disability savings plan income + Rental income 160 Gross 126 Net +
127Taxable capital gains ( attach Schedule 3) + Support payments received 156 Total 128 Taxable amount + 129RRSP income (from all T4RSP slips) + 130Other income
Specify: + Self-employment income Business income 162 Gross 135 Net + Professional income 164 Gross 137 Net + Commission income 166 Gross 139 Net + Farming income 168
Gross 141 Net + Fishing income 170 Gross 143 Net + 144Workers’ compensation benefits (box 10 of the T5007 slip) 145Social assistance payments + 146Net federal
supplements (box 21 of the T4A(OAS) slip) + 147Add lines 144, 145, and 146 (see line 250 in the guide). = + 150 This is your total income.Add lines 101, 104 to 143,
and 147. =
Protected B when completed 3 Attach only the documents (schedules, information slips, forms, or receipts) requested in the guide to support any claim or deduction.
Keep all other supporting documents. Step 3 ��� Net income 150Enter your total income from line 150.
Pension adjustment (box 52 of all T4 slips and box 034 of all T4A slips) 207Registered pension plan deduction (box 20 of all T4 slips and box 032 of all T4A slips)
RRSP/pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) deduction (see Schedule 7 and attach receipts) + 205 PRPPemployer contributions (amount from your PRPP contribution
receipts) 210Deduction for elected split-pension amount ( attach Form T1032) + 212Annual union, professional, or like dues (box 44 of all T4 slips, and receipts) +
213Universal child care benefit repayment (box 12 of all RC62 slips) + 214Child care expenses ( attach Form T778) + 215Disability supports deduction + Business
investment loss 228 Gross 217 Allowable deduction + 219Moving expenses + Support payments made 230 Total 220 Allowable deduction + 221Carrying charges and interest
expenses ( attach Schedule 4) +
Deduction for CPP or QPP contributions on self-employment and other earnings (attach Schedule 8 or Form RC381, whichever applies) + ��� 224Exploration and development
expenses ( attach Form T1229) + 229Other employment expenses + 231Clergy residence deduction + 232Other deductions Specify: + 233Add lines 207, 208, 210 to 224, 229,
231, and 232. = ��� 234This is your net income before adjustments.Line 150 minus line 233 (if negative, enter “0”) =
Social benefits repayment (if you reported income on line 113, 119, or 146, see line 235 in the guide) Use the federal worksheet to calculate your repayment. ��� ��� 236
This is your net income. Line 234 minus line 235 (if negative, enter “0”) If you have a spouse or common-law partner, see line 236 in the guide. = Step 4 ��� Taxable
income 244Canadian Forces personnel and police deduction (box 43 of all T4 slips) 248Employee home relocation loan deduction (box 37 of all T4 slips) + 249Security
options deductions + 250 Other payments deduction (if you reported income on line 147, see line 250 in the guide) + 251Limited partnership losses of other years +
252Non-capital losses of other years + 253Net capital losses of other years + 254Capital gains deduction + 255Northern residents deductions ( attach Form T2222) +
256Additional deductions Specify: + 257Add lines 244 to 256. = ��� 260 This is your taxable income.Line 236 minus line 257 (if negative, enter “0”) = Step 5 ��� Federal
tax and provincial or territorial tax Use Schedule 1 to calculate your federal tax and Form 428 to calculate your provincial or territorial tax.
Protected B when completed 4Step 6 ��� Refund or balance owing 420Net federal tax: enter the amount from line 64 of Schedule 1 ( attach Schedule 1, even if the result is
CPP contributions payable on self-employment and other earnings (attach Schedule 8 or Form RC381, whichever applies) + 430Employment insurance premiums payable on
self-employment and other eligible earnings ( attachSchedule 13) + 422Social benefits repayment (amount from line 235) + 428Provincial or territorial tax (attach Form
428, even if the result is “0”) + 435 This is your total payable.Add lines 420, 421, 430, 422, and 428. = ��� 437Total income tax deducted ��� 440Refundable Quebec
abatement + ��� 448CPP overpayment (enter your excess contributions) + ��� 450Employment insurance overpayment (enter your excess contributions) + ��� 452Refundable medical
expense supplement (use the federal worksheet) + ��� 453Working income tax benefit (WITB) ( attach Schedule 6) + ��� 454Refund of investment tax credit ( attach Form
T2038(IND)) + ��� 456Part XII.2 trust tax credit (box 38 of all T3 slips) + ��� 457Employee and partner GST/HST rebate ( attach Form GST370) + ��� Children’s fitness tax
credit 458 Eligible fees �� 15%= 459+ ��� Eligible educator school supply tax credit 468 Supplies expenses �� 15%= 469+ ��� 476Tax paid by instalments + ��� 479Provincial or
territorial credits (attach Form 479 if it applies) + ��� 482 These are your total credits.Add lines 437 to 479. = ��� This is your refund or balance owing.Line 435 minus
line 482 = If the result is negative, you have a refund. If the result is positive, you have a balance owing. Enter the amount below on whichever line applies.
Generally, we do not charge or refund a difference of $2 or less. 484Refund ��� 485 Balance owing ��� For more information on how to make your payment, see line 485 in the
guide or go Your payment is due no later than April 30, 2017.
Direct deposit ��� Enrol or update(see line 484 in the guide) You do not have to complete this area every year. Do not complete it this year if your direct deposit
information has not changed. To enrol for direct deposit, to update your banking information, or to request that all of your CRA payments you may be receiving or owed
be deposited into the same account as your T1 refund, complete lines 460, 461, and 462 below. By providing my banking information I authorize the Receiver General to
deposit in the bank account number shown below any amounts payable to me by the CRA, until otherwise notified by me. I understand that this authorization will replace
all of my previous direct deposit authorizations.
460Branch number
(5 digits)
461Institution number
(3 digits)
462Account number
(maximum 12 digits)
I certify that the information given on this return and in any documents attached is correct and complete and fully discloses all my income. Sign here It is a serious
offence to make a false return. Telephone Date
490 If a fee was charged for preparing this return, complete the following: Name of preparer: Telephone: 489EFILE number (if applicable): Personal
information is collected under the Income Tax Act to administer tax, benefits, and related programs. It may also be used for any purpose related to the administration
or enforcement of the Act such as audit, compliance and the payment of debts owed to the Crown. It may be shared or verified with other federal, provincial/territorial
government institutions to the extent authorized by law. Failure to provide this information may result in interest payable, penalties or other actions. Under the
Privacy Act, individuals have the right to access their personal information and request correction if there are errors or omissions. Refer to Info, personal information bank CRA PPU 005. Do not use this area 487 488 ��� 486 ���


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