A legal research paper of at least 20 pages of text (including references) is prepared on a commercial law topic selected by the student, with approval of the faculty member. A legal research paper plan is submitted to the professor on or before specifying the tasks to be performed. The legal research paper must demonstrate graduate level writing and comply with the format requirements of the Publication Manual of American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.  Papers must include a table of contents, abstract and references, and sub-topic headings must be used in the body of the paper.  Careful attention should be given to spelling, punctuation, source citations. Legal research papers are uploaded to the assignment section of LEO by each class member. An abstract and outline of the legal research papers are due in your assignment folder

Selecting a Research Paper Topic

Another name for business law is commercial law; hence the term should not cause confusion. It

is the body and structure of law that regulates business and commercial transactions, both public

and private.

Business law is needed to create standards and procedures that help execute transactions.

Furthermore, a policy framework is needed to help link and manage parties that are interested in

conducting business with each other.

Below is a list of term paper ideas for business law. Combine these topics with research and

supporting information to reinforce your work.

• Contract law is one of the major sub fields of business law. You can write about the

many kinds of contracts that are available to business partners or you can discuss the

consequences of breaking a contract

• Company law – term paper ideas for business law can be found in the category of

company law. You can write about the formation of companies or the details that earn

company status. Questions such as what happens ‘when the company owners passes on’,

can be discussed here.

• You can write a paper on the various documents that are used in businesses that give

them legal status. Some of these documents are the Memorandum of Association and the

Articles of Association, Articles of Incorporation, partnership agreements

• Alternate dispute resolution is a major part of commercial law. This method of solving

and managing disputes has gained popularity recently. Its sub fields include:

o Mediation

o Arbitration

o Negotiation.

• Employment law gives students a number of term paper ideas for business law. These

can take the form of labor law, sexual harassment, hiring and firing, non-disclosure

agreement and so on. These variables are of vital importance in the labor market.

• Intellectual property presents a wide variety of term paper ideas for business law for

students. Public domain, trade secret, patent, trademark, copyright and so on, serve as

viable topics.


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