Write 1 page thesis on the topic a history of prussia. “It devolves on the state to provide food, work and wages for all who cannot support themselves and have no claim for the support on the lord or the community. they must be provided with work suited to their strength and capacity”(Koch 144)

‘The state is bound to provide establishments for relieving the poor” (Koch 145)

“Every citizen is entitled to claim the protection of the state for himself and his property and may defend himself by using force if the state does not come to his defense” (Koch 145)

“Their common aim was to prevent erratic royal interference and to ensure the continuity of administration as well as personal security by obtaining security of tenure and pensions by right rather than as a demonstration of royal favor”( Koch 143)

“Prussia experienced its belle époque during which Berlin became a flourishing center of culture and education.


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