The pre-writing tells a general story about my day to day and some of the methods I use for planning my schedule. But the essay has to address carefully about problems I run into (to make everything work in my life) and the solution for each problem. You can definitely use the same ideas for solution in the pre-writing, but a lot more detailed. Important things:

Remember that the format of the final essay is very different from the pre-writing. The pre-writing does not follow an essay structure that needs THESIS statement. You?ll have an introductory paragraph in which you clearly state your thesis (in this case, think about your answer to this question: what is the one most important thing when it comes to balancing home, work and school? Your answer will be the basis of a strong thesis).

Next, you?ll have three body paragraphs. IN EACH PARAGRAPH, detail a particular problem that you run into trying to make everything work (for example, finding time to study) and STATE THE SOLUTION you?ve adopted to make it work. Because you will have three body paragraphs, you?ll have three sets of problems/solutions. Finally, your last paragraph will be your conclusion. A strong conclusion will restate your thesis, summarize your body paragraphs and add closure to your topic.

Focus only on the topic at hand. Make sure that you?re writing about your current day-to-day problems and strategies. Doing this will make sure that your essay stays on track with the assignment.

Be thorough with your examples. Don?t just state what you do?write about how it works and why it works for you.


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