�������Tweeting Asian History������� Proposal
This assignment is the proposal for the big assignment. So if you pick this assignment its 2 bookings for homework completion.
Outcomes: A central focus in History 210 is the role of the individual and their impact across cultures and institutions.. As such, you will be producing for this course a ���twitter��� feed of a figure significant to the course of Asian history prior to 2006, as well as a research project about how influential that individual was overall.
Assignment: Select 1 figure from the course of Asian History prior to 2006 (the inception of Twitter), whom you will portray in a twitter feed and eventually produce a research project about. Create a proposal, and works cited about your selected figure.
What are you submitting?
*A 1-2 page typed paper
*A 1 page typed works cited in which 3 sources are included.
*note���the works cited must have at least 1 book, 1 journal article, and 1 primary source, and each must be used in the proposal and cited within it.
Particulars of the Paper: Each proposal must be typed, 1-2 pages, and follow the basic writing format of 1 inch margins, double spaced, and a commonly accepted word processing font. It must also address the following���
*Who have you selected?
*Why have you selected them? I.E.���Historical background on the individual.
*A preliminary thesis that addresses what will be argued with the twitter project and research project.
Works cited: 3 sources, one book, one journal article, and one primary source must be included. Each must be used and cited at least once in the document.
*Be contained on a single typed sheet of paper separate from the proposal.
*Contain a minimum of 3 sources of an academic NATURE.
*Be cited appropriately in Chicago Turabian Format.
Outline: This does not need to be how you construct your proposal, but may be used as a general guide if this process is new to you.
I. Introduction
a. Overview of topic
b. Overview of figure
c. Preliminary thesis
II. Background
a. Statement on contributions of figure
III. Conclusion
a. Summary of overall topic and individual
IV. Works Cited (ON Separate Sheet)
Grading: The assignment is worth 10 points, and will be graded in the following manner.
9-10, A. Assignment meets all minimum requirements, includes a solid preliminary thesis and detailed background. Assignment meets basic citation requirements, is not plagiarized, and utilizes good scholarly sources in an effective manner.
8, B. Assignment meets all minimum requirements, includes a general preliminary thesis and general background. Assignment meets basic citation requirements, is not plagiarized, and has good scholarly sources.
7, C. Assignment meets all minimum requirements, though not in a balanced manner. Assignment meets basic citation requirements, is not plagiarized, and has scholarly sources.
6, D. Assignment may not meet all basic requirements, or present material in a balanced manner. While assignment is cited appropriately, and is not plagiarized, it may not have scholarly sources in its preliminary works cited.
0-5, F. Assignment does not meet minimum requirements, or is off base. It may not be cited correctly, or have scholarly sources. The assignment may be plagiarized.


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