Australia is considered to be a country that’s truly vast and diverse in terms of culture. It also happens to offer a lot of sights and sounds which you won’t experience anywhere else. Visit Australia and you’ll most likely find yourself traveling for several hours, days, weeks and even months and not having finished roaming about all the attractions it has to offer. If you’re looking for some activities to do, below is a list of possible options to consider:

1. Visit islands in the country. There’s Kangaroo Island which is located south of Adelaide, and King Island, which offers a lot of dairy products you can taste for free.

2. Visit the Museum of Old and New Art. It recently opened in January 2011 and is home to several private collections of art, which is said to have an estimated worth of over 100 million dollars in total.

3. Try out some delicious food at the many restaurants. There are a lot of tasty treats to delight in, among them found in Stefano’s in Mildura and the Royal Mall Hotel in Dunkeid.

4. Visit Newcastle and experience low fidelity charm and hospitality which rivals even that of its neighboring city Sydney. There are a lot of beaches, coffee shops and clubs to have fun in.

5. Experience great diving in the Great Barrier Reef. This is considered as the 7th ranking region to visit back in 2011, and still lays claim to it. It’s simply astounding to discover that the reef is also something you can get to see even from outer space.

6. Go for a hike. If you have a few buddies and relatives with you, you can enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in the country. Visit the Overland Track in Tasmania, and b e challenged by the terrain. Go for an outback trip out on the road. You won’t be able to drive smoothly along the terrain, considering that it’s quite rugged and rough, but you’ll certainly be experiencing an adventure that will last a thousand lifetime’s worth of memories.

7. Get a volunteer job. You’ll get to interact with fellow travelers and help out the community. You can join EarthWatch, which is essentially an animal conservation project in the country, and can guarantee that you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards.

8. Visit the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney. You’ll be treated to some of the best sights, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and a lot of great beaches.

9. When you visit Australia, you can pick a sporting event and have tour. This makes a for a great way to engage in recreation and leisure during your trip.



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