Chosen building: 1881 Heritage (Hong Kong)
Chosen theoretical lens: Scale (Colonialism, 1600-1900)
This paper involves exercising the different methods in analyzing a subject of your choice and
should develop an argument about your chosen project that incorporates one of the architectural
historical approaches. Think about the project as an exercise in design, and the ways in which one
specific course theme and the architectural historical and theoretical questions you have
encountered in the readings may help you to analyze this design. Think of your theme as a
theoretical lens that you will use to examine your specific building/site/project.
Paper should be based on a selection of primary and secondary research materials which will
enable you to provide a clear introduction to your subject for your reader and support the
arguments you wish to make. Your paper should also demonstrate your skills in visual and formal
analysis and your ability to engage closely with your chosen subject.
Information about writing analytically and critically, rather than merely descriptively, about
architecture and art can be found in Sylvan Barnet, A Short Guide to Writing about Art (New
York: Longman, 2003).
Must additionally include captioned illustrations (xeroxes or scans), a standard bibliography, and
Chicago Manual of Style foot- or endnotes in which you cite all sources:


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